Slight return

May 8, 2009

Events conspiring against me (sort of) over the last few months have meant a blogging output rather less than overproductive. Will attempt, this time round, to maintain some consistency of wordage; although the I doubt Lenin’s Stakhanovite efforts could be reasonably matched.

In the meantime, here’s a few bits and pieces, in no particular order, and with no great thematic links: Perry Anderson on the diabolical state of the Italian Left (and see also Tom Behan’s response here); some well-meaning soul has been uploading Nigerian Moogsmith William Onyeabor to Youtube; and “Capitalism in Wonderland” from John Bellamy Foster and collaborators on the failure of conventional economics to theoretically handle an impending environmental catastrope.


One comment

  1. Interesting response by Behan, but I think that the mass opposition he optimistically invokes needs adequate parliamentary representation in order to be sustained. The chief area in which our militants have historically sought to bring about change are labour relations, and while there has been some success in the protection of workers rights in the public sector and in large manufacturing, few of these contracts are available to the people who have left school in the last twenty years at least (I’d be one of them). The reality of labour relations for Italians under forty years of age is a national shame and testimony of the ultimate ineffectiveness of our mass activism without an effective suture with party system. The PCI used to offer that representation, even as it embodied the paradox of a revolutionary movement seated in Parliament. Now we have the anemic PD and its inadequacy to the task couldn’t be overstated.

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