Life imitating the Thick Of It

January 8, 2010

You do have to wonder what the hell they were playing at.

Gordon Brown is expected to capitalise on the complete collapse of Wednesday’s leadership coup by quickly handing out clear election campaign roles to leading cabinet ministers, including the key strategy role to Lord Mandelson. Uncertainty about Labour‘s election team is thought to lie behind some of the discontent inside the cabinet over his leadership.

I’m trying to imagine under what circumstances it would be a good idea to ditch your party leader four(ish) months before a General Election. But worse than that: what super-strength Blairite happy-juice would you need to have been drinking to think that, of the dismal selection available, someone genuinely any better for New Labour – more credible, more popular – than Brown might be found? Seriously: Miliband? Mandelson?  pffft.

I know it’s hard to believe, but it would seem even the statesmanlike Geoff Hoon can royally fuck up on occasion.


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