“Tough fiscal times…”

February 6, 2010

One of the Milibands and Douglas Alexander, perfectly summing up New Labour’s inadequacy in an otherwise plodding think-piecee:

Tough fiscal times make progressive politics harder not easier…

“Tough fiscal times” should make progressive politics easier to argue for. It is easier to argue for serious tax hikes on the seriously wealthy when they’re still snout-deep in the trough, and public services are threatened with cuts. It is easier to argue for a clampdown on the City when the pinstripe brigade are once more pocketing fat bonuses. And it is easier to expose the rottenness of the free market when hundreds of thousands still face redundancy.

It’s easier to argue for all this. The audience is out there for a genuine, progressive politics. But meaningful change will only happen when the real progressive arguments have the movement and the organisation to back them up.


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