Regular Friday economics-themed hip-hop japery

February 12, 2010

It’s been doing the rounds. It’s really rather good.



  1. Not wanting to get all defensive about JMK, but I do get a whiff of conservatism coming from this clip. I know others who agree. To portray macroeconomic demand management as a form of drunken, womanising debauchery, followed by inevitable vomitting, seems to corroborate the moral conservative view a little too closely.

    Also, did Hayek actually say most of these things, or was it Milton Friedman?

  2. Agreed, it’s crude reading of JMK – not least of which is the surprisingly close similarity between what Keynes and Hayek thought about how markets actually worked in society, about what constituted economic knowledge. Both are anti-neoclassical. (But you knew that already.) What you’ve got here is a sort of bastardised version of the two of them. With added bling.

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