Ducks, Chinese burns, hurled paper balls

February 28, 2010

Far be it for this blog not to comment on the story of the year, nay, decade, as the bullying folderol rumbles on into its second tedious week.

It’s manufactured nonsense, with its attendant crowd of quick-buck merchants flogging either books, or (muffled laughter) “human resources consultancy”. Richard Seymour has a good take on it here.

Had Brown been lurking about in St James’ Park, giving Chinese burns to schoolkids and stealing their lunch money, or kicking the ducks, there might have been a more convincing public outcry.

But when it’s faceless senior advisors and members of the PM’s inner circle being subjected to the odd tirade – really, who cares? Bullying at work is serious, of course, but there’s a world of difference between the average harassed worker, and the powerful, well-rewarded, well-connected aide to the Prime Minister.

There are too many people too interested in the story’s prolonged life for this one to die a quiet death just yet. Its real impact, however, is minimal.


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