Delay, delay, delay

March 11, 2010

Apologies for the pause in posting: I’ve been ferociously busy with other things, not least of which was the launch of the new, improved Counterfire website. Feedback so far has been (almost) universally excellent, and site visits seriously in excess of what I (at least) anticipated. It’s too early to say whether this early success will continue, but I think our hunch about the need for an open, accessible UK lefty website is going to pay off.



  1. Delay, delay, delay – I like that. But what I like most is your Counterfire website. This is what I have been waiting for, but because of delays I have been witch hunted and abused by those who claim to be fighting for the oppressed. As a black woman I am doubley oppressed and have been praying for a blog where my prayers can be answered. So I cannot afford people who delay me because life does not stop for me as witnessed by the abuse I got from the SWP in the past 7 years. Counterfire is a good start given the fact that I spent nearly 7 years of my life trying to get websites like GR to accept me as the counterfire to the sectarian politics of the left. GR (Globalise Resistance) let me down, hence I jumped ship to somewhere else where my provocative and counterfire nature is accepted. As a black woman I have twice the battle that other women fight, hence I have got no time for those who delay. This is my new babes on the line, http://www.exposethebnp.com. I am not the colour of a lobster, I have no men or women protecting me from someone who genuinely loves me. In a nutshell, I have got no time to waste.

    Well done to Clare Solomon and well done to Counterfire. Good luck!

  2. ‘Economics Editor’! Well earned. I would’ve posted this beneath your article, but it might’ve made your counterpunchUK site look parochial.

    You’re right about there being a space for a UK-lefty site with an editorship- cos the other ones can be esoteric or too open. I hope it succeeds.

    but why no link to indymedia? it’s not like it’s competition, cos it’s different, and it’s a good place to find alternative campaigns etc. if you’re in a small town.

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