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‘Blair’s Judgement Day’

January 27, 2010

The timetable’s sorted for the protests outside Blair’s much-anticipated appearance at the Chilcott Inquiry. Details on the Stop the War Coalition site here. The police are currently trying to shove any demonstrators out of sight of the media – and indeed Blair himself – around the corner, citing the risk that we might ‘damage the grass’ opposite the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre: an eerily familiar excuse. If there’s enough of us there, they won’t be able to do that. Stop the War are asking people to get down to Westminster from 8am to greet Blair’s arrival in appropriate fashion.

The day before, Brown’s Afghanistan PR exercise opens at Lancaster House.

Brown’s international conference on 28 January is nothing more than a public relations exercise aimed at turning the tide of public opinion, running so strongly against a war which is clearly futile and unwinnable. In truth the warmongers are gathering for a war council masquerading as a peace conference.

This why the Stop the War has called for a blockade of Lancaster House, where the conference is being held, giving voice to the majority of people in US, Britain, Germany, France and most of the 43 countries in the “coalition”, who do not want more war, but all foreign troops to be brought home.

Protests start at 8.30am, Lancaster House – down The Mall from Trafalgar Square.


“War is war”

December 28, 2008

…quoth Israel’s Foreign Mninister Tzipi Livni, rising to the challenge of swivel-eyed lunacy set by previous incumbents.

She said: “Before the operation we called on all the population who lives near the Hamas headquarters to leave. We are doing everything to avoid or minimise civilian casualties.

“But a war is a war, these things can happen.

Kind of them, don’t you think? The bulk of the interview is here.

Stop the War Coalition have called another protest tomorrow evening, outside the Israeli Embassy on High Street Kensington, 4pm onwards. It looked like a substantial turn-out today at short notice: good.  And more tomorrow.